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98% of Smartphone Users Don’t Watch Mobile Video

98% of Smartphone Users Don’t Watch Mobile Video

By Jessica Maxwell

98% of Smartphone Users Don’t Watch Mobile Video

Many companies have come out to say how much time that smartphone users spend on their mobile device, and what exactly they are doing on those mobile devices. In a new study by Experian, they broke down the top smartphone activities by percentage of time spent:

  • • Talking: 26%
  • • Texting: 20%
  • • Social networking: 9%
  • • Web browsing: 14%
  • • Email: 9%
  • • Games: 8%
  • • Other: 9%

In this study, it was reported that only 2.3% of smartphone owners watch mobile video, but this is very low compared to some other studies. It is interesting that it is so low because mobile video has been discussed a lot lately and is one of the things that many believe that marketers should be getting involved in. The study also broke down the differences between iPhone and Android users (shown in the image below).

Only 37% of Marketers Think Their Facebook Advertising is Effective

In Social Media Examiner’s 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, only 37% of marketers said that they think their Facebook advertising is effective. This is a pretty low number of people, and makes me wonder why they are continuing to advertise on Facebook if they do not think that it’s effective. I do believe that Facebook advertising helps increase fans or likes on a page, but it’s probably the case that most marketers do not know how to properly track the ROI on this and haven’t been able to get actual leads from Facebook. Everyone is so quick to spend money on new social media methods, but the effort needs to be made to properly track those campaigns or else it becomes useless and could be a waste of money.

Facebook Starts to Verify Popular Pages and Profiles

Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest all verify popular pages and profiles on their social networks, and now Facebook is following in their footsteps. Although there is no way for someone to request verification, Facebook will look at public figures, celebrities, popular brands, and people and pages with large followings and verify to make sure that they are who they claim to be. The check mark will be located next to the person or the pages name, and they will get an email notification to tell them that they have been verified on Facebook. I think this is a good step for Facebook to make, especially when it comes to brands. It’s important for an audience to know that messages are coming from the real brand or person and not an imposter. This will be helpful for marketers in continuing to spread awareness on Facebook by letting their audience know that they are verified and the information that they are promoting is all 100% correct and coming right from the brand itself.

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